What is at the end of your rainbow?

What if I told you that there’s a way to make your own luck to get it? Sounds crazy right?! The truth is many people who seem “lucky” have actually built their luck. Sometimes unconsciously through their daily actions without even knowing it. Luckily for us (see what I did there!) we can harness fate in our own hands and achieve our hearts desires.

Many times what we brand as luck is actually just opportunity in disguise! So how can we get lucky? Firstly, don’t shy away from social settings. Put yourself out there to meet new people, introduce these new people to your old friends. Make connections. Since luck is actually just opportunities the more connections you make the more you will have.

Try something new, take a chance and push yourself outside your comfort zone. Whether it be a new class, hobby or project. Push your limits and watch what happens!

Lastly, pay it forward!!! The old saying is true, what goes around comes around. Manifest your positive energy into the world and help others. The universe will return it back.


Spring Cleaning…

Spring is my favorite time of year. The days get longer, everything is blooming and it’s the perfect time to reconnect with yourself and grow. 

The term spring cleaning has been around for a long time. I like to think about it as getting back to the basics, clearing out all the unnecessary stuff that has built up, and reinstating good positive habits.

Though I believe in cleaning up the mental and emotional body, it is always good to start with the physical first. Usually your physical surroundings are manifestations of what is going on inside. By going through the act of cleaning, organizing and setting up a sanctuary in our home you create a foundation for clearing out the mental and emotional clutter as well.

Start with your immediate space. That area in your home that is set up for personal work. This can be your office, meditative space, workout area, wherever is special and for you. Clean it, organize it, sage it. If you have any house projects that have been put off get them accomplished.

Once you have cleaned up your physical space, pull out those goals you wrote months back. Do a little check in with yourself. What have you done well? What needs to be reevaluated? Now that you have made physical space for yourself reset your intention for those goals you are working towards reaching. What action do you need to take? Set those actions, calendar them in and use whatever resources you have to ensure they will happen. 

It’s incredible the shift that can occur when we clean space physically and how that affects our mental and emotional well being.

And if you are then ready to take this clearing work to the next level, hit me up and we will uncover what needs to get cleaned up in your mindset and emotions to get you to those goals.


It Always Starts With…Values…

What do you value?

When digging deep, whether it be to effect change within ourselves, our relationships or our goals it always starts with, what do you value?

But what are they really? They are not only how we determine what is really important to us, they are actually our deepest level programming. Our values determine our beliefs which determine our attitudes which then translates into our behaviors or the actions we take. 

What most people don’t realize is that 1. If they don’t know what their values are in an area of their life, or 2. If they have values that are incongruent or in conflict, they may get completely derailed from achieving their desired outcome.

So, what can you do? First, sit down and ask yourself, “what is important to me about….(whatever area of life you are focussing on).” Then when you run out of words, shake it off, and ask yourself again, then again a third time. It may seem repetitive and trust me, there is always more than you think. This is a big part of the process I do with my clients one on one and is a great first step to at least give you a big picture of what your values are. Most people have no idea what their values are in one specific area because we rarely are asked to sit down and think about that. So, give yourself an edge and do this short exercise. 

If you are ready to take it further and dig deep into your programming to find out what has gotten in your way so you can finally be free of it, reach out to me. A breakthrough in how you have been running ineffective patterns is the key to unlocking your success


Responding Versus Reacting…



Lately I have been pondering a lot on the notion of responding versus reacting. Much of our time is spent reacting to situations around us, without even realizing that it may not always be in the best interest of our true self. Many times it can make the situation worse, which brokers the question – why would we want to make things worse? 

Often we react unconsciously, without thinking. Many times depending on the situation our reaction can be rooted in fear, insecurities and other limiting beliefs. Responding on the other hand is based on a mindful conscious choice that serves your authentic self.

Mindfulness is a great tool that can give your unconscious mind the framework it needs to respond in the best way possible. You can exercise mindfulness by watching your thoughts when something occurs that would normally upset you. Pay close attention to how your mind reacts, and instead of allowing that thought or speech to express, pause. Just because you have an internal reaction does not mean you have to have an external one. Take pause and watch the reaction go away, and space open within yourself to respond how you consciously want to act.


Cupid’s Arrow

Chocolates, roses, jewelry, perfume, and technology. These are the number one searched items online this past week!

The internet always seems to have the perfect formula to make your partner fall extra in love with you at this time of year.

Valentine’s Day is a beautiful expression of our hearts desire, but it can also be a little overwhelming with all of the choices. For those unsure of what to do, take a step back breathe and think back to what really connects the two of you. What do you LOVE to do together. What BROUGHT you together. How do you want to BE together. 

Write it down, your favorite activities, your first date, things you treasure about the other person.

Remember to savor the moment, this is about celebrating the life you and your partner are creating together. 

And if you are in a space of manifesting your ideal partner, get really clear about who it is you are attracting! Create an avatar. What are the traits and qualities this person has? What are his/her values? What does your relationship look like? When you get clear about it consciously, your unconscious mind knows what to be looking for and showing you.

Finally, if you have baggage around this whole topic and you want an amazing relationship, you gotta be willing to get rid of your stuff so you can begin to be in or manifest the relationship that you absolutely deserve. Not sure what the next is to do that? Shoot me a note and we will get you set up with a free laser coaching session so you can be 100% clear on what the next step is for you.


Goal Smarter Not Harder…


Wow friends! I cannot believe it is already February! So much has happened so far this year and it’s a good time to check in. Many of us performed the ritual of setting our New Year’s intentions, how is it going? 

If you followed the process of making space, finding your purpose and setting your goal it’s a good time to check in with yourself. What have you accomplished? What has maybe gotten in your way? What do you need to do to take some massive action towards it?!

These regular monthly check ins will help keep you on track. When we talk about the 5 keys to success at our NLP trainings, we mention having sensory acuity or an awareness as you are on your path. Are you making progress or is it time to course correct? One of the best ways to do this is to take inventory and track your forward momentum and progress… write that stuff down! 

One of my favorite tools for goal setting is the smart goal model. These goals are specific, measurable, achievable, resourced and toward what you want. (Remember in a previous Tuesday Tip we mentioned we gotta keep those goals to something you enjoy).

If you followed this paradigm you should be able to measure your results now. Are you achieving your milestones? If not is it time to reevaluate the goal, or take different action. Remember, you are in charge of the process. 

The other important key is SUPPORT and ACCOUNTABILITY. We have something pretty exciting in the works at PKNY Health that may be exactly what you need. Stay tuned for a big announcement next week and in the meantime, reach out to me but clicking the link in the bio to connect for a discovery session.

Your only investment is your time so what is your success worth to you?


Can I Really Empower You?

Can I really empower you? I speak a lot about empowerment. My Instagram handle says I am an empowerment coach.

But what does that really mean?

Empowerment is not something I can give you. I won’t be able to meet with you and leave you with the gift of empowerment.

However, I can help guide you to break down the barriers that are holding you back from experiencing your true self, from stepping into the life you deserve with empowerment.

You see, empowerment comes from within. It is something that lies innately within all of us. Over the years society, cultural beliefs and the world around us slowly shroud us with limiting beliefs about ourselves. Our filter of ourselves and our world slowly changes, it can dim the light we all have inside.

All I do is help pull apart those layers, and allow your light to shine. I help you reveal your true self and that is where empowerment is born. 

The confidence to live your life authentic to your values. The strength to take control of your path, and to set and keep the goals you deserve.

That is living an empowered life. Your time is now.

Click here if you want to connect.


Lovin’ the Process…

You know that feeling you get when you achieve something really amazing? Elation, excitement, joy.

We strive for these feelings when setting our fitness goals. However, many times the process can feel daunting, or as one person told me like jumping through land mines!

For some the unpleasantness of the process, or our limiting beliefs can deter us from achieving our hearts desire. 

But It doesn’t have to feel this way. We can learn to fall in love with the process and gain that same sense of euphoria moving through it as we do at the end of it.

The trick is to shift our negative filter of it to a positive one. 

One of the biggest ways to do this… do things you actually enjoy!

Don’t satisfy other people’s ideas of yourself. Perhaps your partner loves running those marathons, or your friends are all on a new spin kick.

It’s great to step out of your comfort zone, and if it is not for something you are passionate about you will naturally pull away from it because it is out of sync with your true self.

And remember to reward yourself. Not only for when you reach your goal, but at small milestones along the way. 

Now go enjoy the ride and not just the destination.


Finding your Purpose…

If you haven’t gotten it yet, the New Year makes me really excited. It’s full of opportunity, hopefulness a clean slate.

So far we have talked about setting your intention, clearing away the clutter to make space and now I would like to focus on the one aspect that is key.

What all this work is for. Finding your purpose.

We can set goals, make space but without our purpose. It will all feel empty, flavorless and we will continue to search because something is missing.

We will begin to lose sight of why we put in this work, and maybe even think it doesn’t work. When really we are just missing the most important step. 

Once you have gone through the exercises of last week of clearing space you should begin to feel your higher purpose coming forward. A spark of inspiration, an idea or feeling that is beneath the surface and perhaps never left. Focus on that spark, bring it forward, write it down.

Write down what it means to you, and if you were to fulfill it what would that look like. Your higher self will let you know if it’s right, you will feel complete, authentic or that “click”. 

The biggest component is when you find your purpose, you must take action. Even the smallest steps leading towards it. To step into your true self you must begin living in action of it.

The framework of this empowered life must be created, and I would love to help you construct it. That is my purpose in life, my calling and I would be honored to help you step into yours.


So you have some goals do you?

Man did 2016 fly by. It is funny because I heard a lot about how 2016 was a doozy from a great number of people (myself included I should add).

Years like that can be both humbling and inspiring. Sometimes we need a few bumps along the path to remind us that we still have some learning and growing to do.

Here we are now back at the first of another new year and of course as many do, we look ahead and think, “what do I want to accomplish this year?”

Well, let’s start with this, who do you want to BE this year? Start with that question and the rest will fall right into place.

See, we have a different approach to goals here at PKNY Health.  We start with the being, because that is what you are…a human BEING, not doing, not having, but BEING.

So, when you get clear on who you are meant to be, then what you do, and ultimately get to have is limitless.

That said, we also have some great ways to create goals that are pretty fool proof. The catch however is that you gotta be willing to let go of your stuff. We lovingly refer to it as baggage, and you MUST GET INTO ACTION.

So, here are some tips to setting your intentions/writing your goals this year

1.Start with an AIM.

Here is what I mean. Often times, we don’t have a sense of what our overall aim is in an area of our lives. We just willy nilly set goals and then either fall off the wagon or we get there and wonder why it feels so lackluster and empty. It is because we didn’t start with a bigger picture idea of WHY the goal is important. So, as you consider a goal, let’s just say it is a health and fitness one, what is your bigger AIM in that area AND why is that important. Remember, your AIM goal has no end, you are always living into it.

2. Once you have your AIM, then ask yourself, what would be the first goal you would need to accomplish to be living into this bigger AIM you have.

 That is your first END goal. By that I mean, it has end, a target if you will.  

So, it might be a number on the scale or a dollar amount that you are making every month.  Maybe it is a new relationship. This goal has a clear destination.

3. Set a new goal at 90%.

At our NLP trainings we alway talk about the importance of setting a new goal at 90% because then you are alway growing and the last 10% becomes the first 10% of the new goal.

Have you ever had a weight goal and the first pounds just come flying off and then the last 5 are like impossible? Yeah, that is why we set a new goal at 90%.

Be ready for your stuff to come up and be willing to let it go. I alway tell my clients, if you wonder if you have baggage in an area of life, set a goal.

Sure as shit your stuff will come up because your unconscious mind knows that you have to let that garbage go if you want to accomplish your goal so it brings it to the surface for you to get it handled!

Now if you read that and thought, “crap that has totally happened to me and I didn’t know what to do or didn’t have the tools to deal with it”  Fret not dear friend. I got you!

4. Release your baggage.

This is where having a set of tools and techniques to handle your inner demons is vital. Whether you choose NLP, Mental Emotional Release Therapy or something else, you gotta let go of the stuff that has been holding you back and derailing you. It is THE KEY to finally accomplishing whatever it is that your amazing heart desires.

So, there you have it.

Wondering about some support and accountability or how you can totally maximize this year and your goals, hit me up and we will set up a time to chat.

This is what I do and I love doing it.  

Hit me up and we can talk about about your incredible life and how to make it your reality 
Here’s to you and all your beautiful goals!  Happy New Year!

From my heart to yours,


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